About Us

Here at Kodo IT, we’re passionate about what we do. We’re an information technology company focused on delivering seamless IT maintenance, support and development services for a wide range of industries all across the Baltics and abroad.

For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that our clients have the technology that they need to drive their businesses forward overachieving competition. As a group of IT professionals, our experience dates back more than 20 years to work carried out on systems that contained a measly 60mhz Pentium 1 processor, 64 MB of RAM, and a 200 MB hard drive. Since then, we’ve tirelessly continued to learn from and adapt to new trends and developmentsin technology, gaining new experiences and insights along the way. We’ve seen technology grow right before our very eyes, and today, we remain fully confident in our abilities to tackle any challenge head-on and provide our clients with exceptional service and support all across the board!

Our Mission

Today, our mission remains the same – to make IT simple again for today’s businesses and organizations that depend on technology to get the job done and have competitive edge. We work with the latest generation technologies and while we deliver our services, we also look to our clients to learn more about their business processes and technological necessities that would allow them to increase efficiency and scale in markets, and industries they operate in – so that we grow alongside our clients and expand our businesses even further together.

Our Values

At Kodo IT, we embrace a strong setof values that has allowed us to deliver exceptional service to all of our clients throughout the Baltics and abroad. To this day, we continue to work within these values to ensure that we not only consistently meet the needs of our clients, but exceed them too:


we are fully transparent and open to our clients and business partners


we believe that any solution should be delivered in the most efficient way

Innovative Development

we are not afraid to use new proven technologies to fuel our client growth

Long-Lasting Relationships

we want help our clients with their IT necessities in any phase of their growth and any market situation they face


Throughout our time in business, we’ve worked to develop long-lasting partnerships with a number of today’s largest international technology companies, so that we can deliver exceptional solutions for our clients each and every day.

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